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Friends of Cliftonville Coastline aims to breathe love into our beautiful and unique heritage coast for the local residents and visitors of today.

Our first campaign is to Save the Newgate Gap Sea Shelter, which is in a sadly dilapidated state. The shelter is part of a series built along the coastline which together form the unique architectural landscape of the area. We will restore the shelter to its original form, as sympathetically as possible for modern day use as a much needed community facility on the Cliftonville Coastline.

After this we will continue to restore at risk infrastructure and facilities along the coast (and potentially further inland), concentrating on those that will most improve the functional environment for all.

We are a group of local residents who are passionate about improving the Cliftonville Coastline area. Our working group has a diverse set of skills and we welcome newcomers who would like to get involved. Please join our Facebook group for news of open meetings where you can come along and contribute. The restored shelter and ongoing restoration of the coastline will benefit the entire community, particularly in Cliftonville but also extending into Margate and beyond into the rest of Thanet.

It will support wellness and creative community activity of all kinds, for locals and visitors, who will extend their visits beyond central Margate and along the coast. Cliftonville is the 4th most deprived ward in England so the shelter would thus very importantly act as a beacon of hope for inclusive regeneration in Thanet that will benefit everyone.